Oracle 11g Release 2 Install Guide – Overview

Oracle 11g Release 2 – Overview

New Features

  • New Features¬†– a non-complete overview:
    • Automatic Block repair in data guard scenarios (i.e. Replace defective block on standby with valid block from primary database or vice versa)
    • Automatic determance of parallelism degree based on object size, query complexity and hardware resouces
    • RAC installation complexity dramatically reduced – we will evaluate this :-)
    • Storage of Oracle Cluster Registry and Voting Disk in ASM
    • Oracle Restart (automatically (re)starts database instance, ASM, listener and so on)
    • Utility for complete uninstallation of Oracle RAC
    • Reduced (“zero downtime”) for patching RAC clusters
    • Instance Caging: Limit number of CPUs used
    • Scheduler improvements (emailing, file watch, run procedures on remote db)
    • ACFS (ASM Cluster File System): Cluster file system based on ASM for non-database datafiles, i.e. (Oracle) Binary installations, trace files, alert logs and so on
    • ASM Dynamic Volume Manager: create volumes out of disk groups and use it to create a file system (ext3, reiserfs, etc pp) on top of it
    • ASM FS Snapshots
    • Intelligent data placement: frequently accessed blocks are placed on the edge of the disk where I/O performance is higher by ASM
    • ASM File Access Control
    • New compression algorithm (LZO) offers fast compression and de-compression
    • most “cool” ASM features require 11g release 2 database and asm compatible level (= everything 11.2)

Oracle 11g R 2 – Components

  • Oracle Database
    • traditional database (rdbms)
    • ASM module
    • Listener et al
  • Oracle Infrastructure (=foundation for Oracle RAC),¬†includes:
    • Clusterware
    • ASM Module
    • Oracle Restart

?? Is 11g Release 2 ready for production yet ??

  • From the Authors point of view: NO!
  • Release of 11g Release 2 was driven by marketing and promise “release in September 2009”
  • Latest beta of 11g R2 (released two weeks before “productive release” still contained critical bugs
  • good for testing and educational purpose
  • For productive environments:
    • Wait at least until! (i.e. The first patchset)

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  1. i have installed oracle 11g r2 on enterprise linux 5 but not able to open oracle em and sqlplus getting error of security in firefox and also getting ora-12514 on console
    any help

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