Tuning Linux for Oracle

This is a short post on how to tune Linux for running Oracle.

It wont cover the background directly but i am trying to give some links with further informations.

I am planning to improve it over the time.

Currently this article covers:

  • Partition Alignment
  • Choosing a file system
  • Optimizing ext3
  • Enable Huge Pages
  • Using Async and Direct IO
  • Tune Swapping Priority

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Bye bye Oracle 10g Release 2

With end of July 2010 support for Oracle 10g Release 2 ends. You can order (at additional costs of course) so called extended support to get support until July 2011. After this date there is so called “Sustaining Support” which offers support for several more years.

Update: I was told the first year of Extended Support is free of charge (Thanks Martin!). So customers have a little bit more time to test and upgrade.

See the following picture for the support end dates:

So if you start with new projects i´d strongly recommend to use Oracle 11g Release 2 at best or if 11g R2 is not an options 11g R1.