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Networker cumulative hotfixes

December 29th, 2010 No comments

EMC offers so called cumulative hotfixes which include all available and tested hotfixes for a specific version. These hotfixes can be found at the following URL:
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How to corrupt a oracle block within a datafile

December 21st, 2010 No comments

For corrupting a block dd can be used. Just adjust the “ibs” argument to match your database block size and adjust “count” to specify the amount of blocks to be corrupted. “Seek” specifies how many blocks are skipped (counted from the beginning of the file) before writing the corrupted data.

dd ibs=8192 seek=100 count=110 if=/dev/zero of=test01.dbf conv=notrunc

Caution: This command WILL corrupt your data file. Use it ONLY on test systems and with a valid backup!

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I am now certified as MCITP MS DBA for SQL Server 2008

December 12th, 2010 No comments

Altough not oracle related i successfully completed my certification as an MS SQL Server DBA. In most companies MS SQL is used for smaller databases in addition to oracle. So from my point of view it is a plus.

I am allowed to wear the title mentioned above from now on. But i guess i wont print it on my business cards…. Way too long :-)

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