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When patching is not enough: Oracle 11g R2 on Solaris SPARC requires fresh base installation of Solaris 10 U6

June 15th, 2011 No comments

While checking MOS i found an interesting note (ID 964976.1) which states:

Applying a kernel patch or a Solaris patch bundle is not the equivalent
to  installing the specific Solaris 10 "update 6" image. 11gR2 RDBMS software
is  only certified for a base install image of Solaris 10 update 6 or greater.

There is a FAQ (ID 971464.1) on this problem. Here it states:

Oracle/Sun has specifically started that "installing patches will not bring it  to Update 6".


It is only certified for a base install image of Solaris 10 Update 6  or greater, or an
upgraded image of an earlier Solaris 10 update to at least  Update 6 or greater. There are
only two methods to accomplish this " image".  Please see Question #9 for more details.

So keep this in mind when installing 11g R2 on Solaris SPARC.

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Installing a paravirtualized guest using PXE and Kickstart on Oracle VM 2.2

June 10th, 2011 No comments

The past few days i started working on Oracle VM 2.2.1.

The task i tried to accomplish was to install Oracle Enterprise Linux in a para-virtualized guest via PXE and Kickstart. Sounds not too complicated, does it? If you are familiar with VMWARE and know how easy it is to accomplish this task be advised: With Oracle VM it is complicated.

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