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Oracle 11g Release 2

Oracle 11g Release 2 for Linux was released on 1st of September 200 with other platforms followed shortly after.

From my point of view this version will be the next widely used version after 10 Release 2. In my opinion 11g Release 1 is a quite good and stable version – but it is a “Release 1” and many ISVs waited for 11g R2 to appears to certify their products against.

I am investigating Oracle 11g Release 2 over the next few weeks starting with a single database installation, installing a 2-node-rac with ASM, testing ADVM and ACFS. Finally i will investigate database features, for instance advanced compression.

Oracle 11g Release 2 – Overview

Installing Oracle 11g Release 2 on Linux

The installation and configuration guide is available as either a complete presentation or as a couple of posts.

The whole guide as presentation can be found here: Link

Separate guides are available here:

Installing Oracle 11g Release 2 on Windows

I am working on it :-)

  • Real Application Cluster (RAC) database and infrastructure
    • install grid infrastructure (formerly clusterware and ASM)
      coming soon…i am facing some minor problems outlined in this post

Misc Stuff

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