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Oracle 11g Release Installation HowTo

Oracle 11g Release 2 was released on 1st of September 2009. From my point of view this version will be the next widely used version after 10 Release 2. In myopinion 11g Release 1 is a quite good and stable version – but it is a “Release 1” and many ISVs waited for 11g R2 to apperas to certify their products against.


I am investigating Oracle 11g Release 2 over the next few weeks starting with a single database installation, installing a 2-node-rac with ASM, testing ADVM and ACFS. Finally i will investigate database features, for instance advanced compression.

I will continuously publish my experiences on this blog.

At this point (14th September) the document covers:

  • oracle 11g release overview
  • new features
  • single database installation
  • grid infrastructure installation (formerly known as “clusterware”)
  • Installing Oracle 11g Release 2 database binaries on ACFS
  • How to size ASM disk groups of OCR and Voting disks correctly


The most recent version can be found here:



Hopefully today i will add the creation of a rac database as well.


Please leave me a note or send me an email if you have any feedback.

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