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Using Large Pages for Oracle on Windows 64-bit (ORA_LPENABLE)

For using Large Pages on Windows some settings are needed:

1.  Start > Settings > Control Panel
2.  click Administrative Tools.
3.  click Local Security Policy.
4.  Expand Local Policies and select User Rights Assignment.
5.  Select Lock pages in memory and choose Action > Security...
6.  Click Add...
7.  Select the username that was used to install Oracle and the ora_dba group from the Name list.
8.  Click Add.
9.  Close Select Users or Groups dialog by pressing OK
10. Click OK to close the Local Security Policy Setting dialog.
11. Open Regedit
13. Create a registry key (REG_SZ) named ORA_LPENABLE  and set the value to 1
14. Reboot the server.
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