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/SYS/NEM0 or /SYS/NEM1 FAULTED after upgrade to Exadata version

During an Exadata upgrade at a customer the NEM module suddenly faulted after completing the compute node server upgrade.

Checking the Hardware and Firmware compatibility yielded a message similar to:

Firmware not supported. Required Version: NEM

To chec the current firmware of the NEM module do the following:

  1. Connect to the ILOM via SSH.
  2. cd /sys/nem0   (or nem1)
  3. ls

The ‘ls” has the following output:

 type = Network Express Module
 ipmi_name = NEM0
 fru_manufacturer = FOXCONN
 fru_version = FW    <=========== check the firmware version
 fru_part_number = 511-1056-05
 fru_serial_number = 0226LHF-1031AC00N7
 fault_state = OK
 load_uri = (none)
 clear_fault_action = (none)

If LOWER than then load the updated firmware rom from cell image file:

  1. Download the cell image file
  2. Make db_patch_11. file available from a URL (for example http://myhost.mycompany.internal.com/firmware/x4800-sas2exp-
  3. Ensure that the grid infrastructure is shut down.
  4. Use SSH to connect to the ILOM as the root user.
  5. For each NEMx where x is 0 and 1, do the following:
  6. cd /SYS/NEMx
    load -source http://myhost.mycompany.internal.com/firmware/x4800-sas2exp-
  7. Power cycle the database server.
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